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You’ve already made the incredible decision to make a difference and become a foster carer. Are you now looking to transfer to your local authority?

As a collaborative network of 22 not-for-profit fostering services across Wales, we’ve got one shared mission: to support and empower all our foster carers, and in turn the children they care for. We work together to build brighter futures for young people in our local area.

By having foster carers work with us rather than for independent agencies means we can better focus on this goal. It means more investment in supportive services for children, their families, and foster carers.

If you’re a foster carer with another local authority, an agency, or a 3rd sector organisation, but you’re looking to transfer to Foster Wales Bridgend, read below for further information.

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benefits of fostering with your local authority

We’re committed to providing an exceptional level of care and support to children and foster carers. And as a not-for-profit organisation, all the funding we receive goes towards the service we provide, on your training and support, reinvested into our foster carers. We do not make a profit on children in care. By fostering with your local authority, you’re helping to minimise the profit-making of children in care.

We are the real, dedicated people in your local area, already supporting the children in need of looking after. Keeping children local has immeasurable benefits. They will have their school, their friends, and their favourite park, helping to minimise disruption by keeping them in a place they’re already familiar with.

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what we offer at foster wales Bridgend

  • A support network of over 70 foster carers based in Bridgend, with mentoring from experienced carers – our Liaison Carers
  • Generous financial allowances. For example in Bridgend there are foster carers who receive between £12,782 and £43,056 per year, based on their foster care commitments.
  • 24 hour on-call support
  • Free leisure membership for you and your household
  • Guidance, support and training, including therapeutic intervention service MAPSS by The Behaviour Clinic
  • Monthly consultations to share views
  • Monthly newsletters to stay up to date, plus social activities and appreciation events

Read more about support and rewards here.

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“Our perception of local authority fostering is completely different now compared to before we transferred. People want you to think that there is minimal support, but we feel more valued than ever now. We also had a child placed in our care right away, compared to waiting months previously.”

Paul and Laura, local authority foster carers

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how to transfer to us

It all starts with a chat, and from there, we can explain how the process will work for you.

We want to know how we can best support you going forward, identify any needs you may have, and make sure we know you inside out to figure out which children would be best suited to you and your family.

It’s quite straightforward and we have experience from other carers that have already transferred to us. We’ve learnt how to make the transition as smooth as possible and you’ll be kept in the loop the whole way.

As you’re already in the fostering world, the process will be specific to you. We’d love to have a chat about your options.

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