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Every child is an individual, and so their foster carer should be too. We’re always looking for unique and caring individuals from all sorts of backgrounds to join our close-knit community of foster carers.

Right now, there are children in our community who simply need someone to listen to them. To be there for them.

We encourage carers from all walks of life – no matter your age, sexuality or relationship status – to join our welcoming team. It’s your life experience and ability to care that we look for.

Not sure if you’re the right fit? Read our myth-buster to find out more.

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We need diverse carers with different experiences, stories and backgrounds to fill an important role in a child’s life.

When it comes to being a good foster carer, all we ask is: can you make a difference?

can I foster in bridgend if I work full time?

Yes, you can still foster and be employed full time, it simply means you may need some extra support from family and friends. Having a full-time job isn’t a barrier holding you back from fostering at all.

It’s a real team effort when you make the commitment to foster so you’ll work with teachers, therapists and social workers – all sorts of people, both professional and personal – all supporting you through your journey.

can I be a foster carer if I live in rented accommodation?

It doesn’t matter if you rent your home or own it. As long as it’s a safe space for you and a child, you can foster. Wherever you call home, we’ll work to support you both.

As long as you’ve got a spare room, you could transform your old storage space into something amazing- a room for a child or young person in need.

can I foster if I have children of my own?

You can absolutely foster if you already have children – in fact, a big family can often be the exactly the right kind of nurturing environment a young person in foster care may need.

Becoming a foster parent means extending your family, and opening your home up for those who need it.

Having foster siblings can be hugely rewarding too, teaching both your own children and foster children about building relationships for life.

am I too old to foster?

You’re never too old to foster as there’s no upper age limit. You can be at any point in life and be the perfect candidate to help bring a young person into your life. Provided you are relatively fit and healthy, we encourage you to apply. We’ll make sure you get all the support and training you’ll need to succeed.

am I too young to foster?

Again, there’s no such thing as being too young to be a foster carer and while life experience is a bonus, it’s certainly not essential. You can be fresh in your 20s and keen to help a child in your local community. We always make sure our network of experienced professionals are here to support you.

do couples who foster have to be married or in a civil partnership?

Foster carers don’t need to be in any kind of relationship to be the best match for a child. Whether you’re in a civil partnership, single or married, if you’re in the position to offer your home to someone, then you could be the perfect foster care candidate.

Our team will help you figure out if it’s the right time for you.

can I foster if I’m transgender?

Of course. Your gender identity doesn’t impact your ability to care for a child who needs love and support. We’re looking for warm, loving people to join our foster care team – so your caring nature is what matters.

can I foster if I’m gay?

Yes, you can. Your sexual orientation certainly isn’t a barrier when it comes to being a foster carer. In fact, we celebrate the diversity of our foster carers. We want committed people who can offer a safe environment to help a child grow, and that absolutely includes LGBTQ+ individuals.

can I foster if I have a dog or cat?

You can absolutely foster if you have a dog, cat or any other pet. We simply include them in the assessment process and make sure any foster child in your home gets on well with your pets.

Our team knows how much of an impact pets can have with young people and as a part of your family, they’re included too.

can I foster if I smoke?

While each local authority has their own policies on smoking, we always ask you’re honest with our team when applying to be a foster parent. We can offer support for quitting if you’d like. Each case is considered individually and ultimately, it comes down to finding you the right match.

can I foster if I’m unemployed?

Yes, you can foster if you’re unemployed, work part time or have a full-time job. Being the best foster parent you can be isn’t based on your employment status, it’s about giving someone the time and love they need to grow.

can I foster if I don’t have a big house?

You can be a foster parent in a flat, bungalow or large house. Every foster home is different and that’s exactly what we want. A spare room for space and security is all a young person needs so no matter the size, your home is enough.

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