Celebrating children of foster carers

This month is dedicated to celebrating the children of foster carers!

Fostering is a big decision that effects not only you, but your family and wider circle. We’re often asked “but how will fostering impact my children?” by people considering fostering. Honestly, there’s no easy way to answer because every family is different, and every foster child is different, but when speaking to the children of foster carers, on the whole the feeling is a positive one.

Fostering will always be a big adjustment to your family home at first. We’ve spoken to current foster carers and heard some incredible stories of exactly how fostering has impacted their children.

Amber’s experience being part of a foster family

Leanne and Dylan are valued foster carers here in Bridgend, along with their children Amber and Josh who are as much a part of the fostering journey as they are.

Their daughter Amber kindly shared her thoughts: 

“Growing up and having foster siblings from the age of 4 is definitely something I am proud of. Fostering makes me realise how lucky I am to have everything I have, such as a loving family and home. Knowing I have the ability to share that with children who may not have experienced such a thing is something I feel very proud of.

I have made so many unforgettable memories with each of my foster siblings, and enjoy seeing how each and every one of them has grown and improved in so many ways. I love knowing that me and my family are able to give them the experiences of childhood that they deserve. Now I am older and understand a lot more, I can definitely say I have very special bonds with the children and love seeing a smile on their faces.

Having foster siblings is a blessing that I wouldn’t change for the world. I am so thankful for my parents giving me the amazing experience of fostering.”

Amber has recently received a well-deserved certificate from The Fostering Network, recognising her commitment, care and compassion she gives to her foster siblings. We’re incredibly proud to have Amber in our fostering community in Bridgend.

Foster carers share the impact of fostering on their own children

Leanne shared:

“We started fostering in November 2012. It was something we had thought about for a while as Dylan’s Auntie fostered for the local authority so we had some experience of what it entailed. 

Once Amber and Josh were in full time school, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to see if we could make a difference to a child’s life by welcoming them into our home.

We are short term carers and also do respite [occasional, regular breaks i.e. one weekend a month, or an overnight stay]. We are approved to be able to care for two children age from birth -18 but so far we have only fostered children up to the age of 7. “

It’s worth noting that there are different types of foster care that you can do. For more information, visit our types of fostering page, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have!

“Fostering is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions and brings many challenges. But it’s so rewarding when we see the children thrive in our care and watch them move on to adoption/back with birth family. Don’t get me wrong, we do get upset every time a little one moves on, but it’s only natural to miss them dearly after them being part of our family for so long. 

Like I said, we started fostering with the local authority as Dylan’s auntie had recommended it, and that’s what we will continue to do. We have had amazing supervising social workers who have helped and supported us throughout. We also have a great fostering support network of other foster carers within the local authority.”

Foster siblings walking in forest

Children of foster carers learn new skills

Amber isn’t alone either, many children of foster carers find the experience to be a positive one. Empathy, sharing, and kindness are just a few of the skills children of foster carers say they’ve learned being part of a fostering family.

So to all children of foster carers – we thank you.

If you’d like to get in touch for an informal chat, please do so here. If you reside outside of Bridgend, please head to the Foster Wales website where you can find your local authority fostering service.

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