Bridgend Foster Carer Recognition Awards during Foster Care Fortnight

The Bridgend Foster Carer Recognition Awards have been a wonderful opportunity for us to recognise and show thanks to our fantastic foster carers. With events happening across Foster Care Fortnight, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chance for foster carers, social workers, team managers, marketing officers, councillors, heads of service to be together to celebrate the hard work and commitment that goes into fostering.

One way we were able to show thanks to our foster carers in Bridgend was by holding our first Recognition Awards Ceremony at the Atlantic Hotel in Porthcawl.

The award categories were:

  • Teenage Whisperer Award
  • Mary Poppins Award
  • Above and Beyond Award
  • Kinship Commitment Award
  • Retirement Awards
  • Councillor Awards
  • Clive Richards Award

Keep reading to find out more about the awards…

Bridgend Fostering Recognition Awards

The Awards Ceremony was a lovely day, planned meticulously by the fostering team. A special mention goes to team members Dawn and Tash, who got so into it that we may lose them to the wedding planning industry! The thought and effort that went in to making the day special was clear, and the feedback from carers has been wonderful.

Three team members stood under a balloon arch at Bridgend Recognition Awards for foster carers

From having our foster bear Toby arriving for photos, to the fabulous Gareth Taylor, and Maesteg Male Voice Choir performing. It was truly something special.

As well as the above-mentioned awards, Foster carers and connected person carers (people that care for family members) were also presented with long-service certificates, recognising just how many years they have been providing quality care for our children.

The Awards

Teenage Whisperer Award – Sharon & Kerry

An award for foster carers who care and support our most troubled teens. Sharon and Kerry approach teens with a blend of down-to-earth honesty, straight-talk discipline, and pure intentions. They relate, understand, and help teenagers break out of negative behaviour cycles so that they can truly flourish. Sharon and Kerry are the epitome of Teenage Whisperers in our eyes!!

Mary Poppins Award – Lorraine & John (Kinship), Gwen (General)

Symbolising the magic that lies behind everyday life and how ready and prepared our foster carers are for anything! Lorraine & John (kinship) and Gwen (general) always have a bag full of supplies that they use to help children when they are experiencing difficulties like Mary Poppins. They want nothing but the best for the children they care for…and are practically perfect in every way!

Above and Beyond – Sian & Anthony

Above and beyond is a phrase shortened from the phrase above and beyond the call of duty, referring to heroic behaviour during a military operation. While Sian and Anthony may not have experienced combat, it can feel like it at times and they encapsulate this phrase. The care and support they provide to the children in their care is fantastic, they give extra effort, especially in a way that exceeds expectations. This is evidenced through the positive outcomes they have achieved for children.

Connected Persons Commitment – Carly & Chris

This award represents the commitment of family members, to ensure that children remain within their family system. Kinship care allows children to stay in their family unit, which keeps everything as familiar as possible for them. Carly and Chris are truly deserving of this award.

Retirement Awards – Val & Rob (44 years), Glynis (17 years) and Sharon & Jeff (37 years)

We have a few foster carers that are coming to the end of their fostering career this year so we wanted to show appreciation of their commitment and dedication to the service, and the support they have provided to children for many years. A celebration of what they have achieved!

Councillor Awards – Lynne , Cath & James , and Chris & Jerry

We had our Supervising Social Workers nominate any foster carers that they thought should receive an award. They developed a pen-picture of why they think that foster carer should receive the award. Three awards were carefully chosen and presented by the Councillor!

Clive Richards Award – Vicky & Paul

A commemoration award of a valued liaison carer (experienced foster carer that supports other foster carers), who is extremely well thought of throughout the fostering service. Vicky & Paul have done a brilliant job in supporting other foster carers…whether that’s newly approved carers needing guidance, or others that just need a chat with a friendly, more experienced person.

So how do I become a foster carer?

We have lots of information on our ‘the process’ page, but the best way to take your first step to becoming a foster carer is to get in touch with us via our enquiry form here.

Our recruitment officer loves a good chat, so if you’ve been inspired about fostering and have a few questions, she’s the best person to talk to!

If you live in Wales, visit the Foster Wales website where you can find all the information and contact your local authority service.

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